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DAOBEN machinery(NINGBO) co.,ltd is located in the beautiful world port city-Ningbo which is on the coast of the East China Sea. established in 2014,is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines. Integrity, Professionalism, and Innovation are the cornerstones of DAOBEN machinery corporate culture, the company not only integrates the world’s advanced science and technology into entrepreneurial elements but also continues to create high-quality, internationally competitive plastic injection molding machines to serve global customers and promotes the unique Chinese innovative plastic machinery products to all over the world.
Daoben Machinery not only provides different models of plastic injection molding machines but also provides customers’ different requirements with various customized and complete turnkey solutions of the best plastic injection moulding machine, helping customers to reduce cost and increase economic results, improve the core competitiveness to bring continuing benefits.

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The Best Quality of Moulding Plastic Machine

Experience the pinnacle of plastic injection machine manufacturing with the best quality available. With the most recent developments in plastic injection molders technology at our disposal, we provide solutions that lead the market. Our procedures are simplified from concept to manufacturing to maximize efficiency without sacrificing the final injection molder machine quality. As conscientious plastic injection molders, we are dedicated to environmentally friendly methods. Environmental concerns are given priority in our production processes, and we continually look for methods to lessen our ecological imprint.

For all Your Need with Plastic Injection Machines

With our extensive selection of options, we can satisfy all of your plastic injection moulding machine demands. We offer the ideal equipment to streamline your manufacturing process and produce exceptional results, whether you’re working on small-scale projects or large-scale production. Numerous industries, including the automotive, consumer electronics, medical, and toy sectors, employ plastic injection molders. It is one of the most widely used techniques in the fabrication of plastics and is appropriate for the high-volume production of components with tight tolerances.

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