The Current Status of Injection Molding Machine Industry

The current status of the injection molding industry

A plastic injection molding machine, also known as an injection moulder, is a machine for manufacturing plastic products by the injection molding process. It consists of two main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit.

When did injection molded parts emerge?

It has been 120 years since the birth of the first moulding plastic machine, and the
injection molding process has become increasingly mature.
Due to the abundant sources of raw materials for producing synthetic resins, plastic
products can be recycled to a large extent and can be processed and shaped better than
metal products. Therefore, many objects in our lives have become plastic products,
such as home appliances, TVs, microwave ovens, stoves, trash cans, fans, etc. Many
people think this should be an all-metal product, but it has more or less the shadow of
plastic. Because of the non-conductivity and light weight of plastic. On the already
bulky metal equipment, it improves the appearance and reduces the weight.
Plastic parts are not responsible for the function of metal parts. They are responsible
for the protection and beautification of products. Plastics are in extremely high
demand every year. According to statistics, China injection molding machine market
size reached 2.44 trillion yuan in 2017. In future predictions, plastic products will
move toward higher trading volumes. Competition among injection molding machine
manufacturers will also increase for better injection molding machines for sale. This
is also a greater challenge for China plastic machines.

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Are plastic products under attack?

The use of plastic parts is getting more and more beyond our imagination, and many
plastic products are not handled well from the ban on plastic bags to today’s straw
problem. It also proves that we are aware of the benefits and harms of plastic
products. However, the application of plastics still plays an important role. The blow
on one side also made people start to develop in other aspects, and environmentally
friendly plastics gradually emerged. It’s still plastic, but it’s more environmentally
friendly. Promote more people to develop and research new materials. For example,
mobile phones, the first physical button-type mobile phones, with full-screen physical

buttons, are all plastic casings. With the advancement of technology, mobile phones
have changed from “placement items” to “consumable items”. Although touch-screen
mobile phones do not have complicated physical buttons, people’s demand for mobile
phones is higher. The more people are replaced, the higher the challenge will be for
the industry.

The development of injection molded parts in the future

In recent years, we believe everyone has paid attention to it. The appeal of mobile
phones is not only the improvement of hardware. The overall design sense has also
become one of the selling points. The back panel has a strong metallic feel, various
streamer colors, and a flat 3D texture. These are all formed on the surface of plastic
Injection molded parts are no longer just ordinary injection molding. Artistic
processing is applied to the surface to obtain a texture similar to other materials. But it
retains the lightness of plastic. This type of technology has been the trend for plastic
parts in recent years.

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