Influence of injection speed of injection molding machine on product quality

Influence of injection speed of injection molding machine

The role and importance of injection molding machine injection speed

The injection speed of an injection molding machine refers to the speed at which plastic flows into the mould under the action of the injection screw. In the whole injection moulding process, the injection speed directly affects the flow and solidification process of plastic parts, which in turn affects the processing quality and appearance quality. Therefore, controlling the injection speed is of great importance.

If the injection speed is too high, what are the negative effects?

1. Plastic melt into the mould cavity at high speed, easy to produce shear damage and heat flow channel phenomenon, resulting in bubbles, poor fusion and other defects.

2. As the temperature of the plastic rises during high-speed injection, it is easy to cause the surface of the product hot melt state, thus affecting the appearance of the product quality.

3. The increase of melt production in the process of high-speed plastic injection machine is easy to cause the pressure in the mould cavity to rise, for the production of larger injection pressure, so that the mould is overstretched, and even cracks and other phenomena.

What are the negative effects of slow injection speeds?

1. If the plastic melt is injected at a low speed, marks will appear on the surface of the moulded part due to the slow solidification of the plastic.

2. Incomplete solidification of the plastic can lead to internal stresses, resulting in deformation and cracking of the product during use.

3. If the injection speed is too slow, a large number of difficult to remove melt residue will be produced in the model, resulting in a reduction in the quality of plastic part processing.

Injection molding machine injection speed adjustment method

1. According to the material, size, shape, weight and other characteristics of the product to determine the appropriate injection speed.

2. The adjustment of injection speed should be completed on the injection moulding machine controller, and it must be adjusted in strict accordance with the production process.

3. In actual production, the injection speed should be fine-tuned according to each production situation to ensure the best processing quality and appearance quality.

To sum up, there are many factors that affect the injection speed of the precision injection molding machine, and the appropriate injection speed can ensure that the products have good physical properties and appearance quality, while the fast or too slow injection speed will have a negative effect on the products. Therefore, the injection speed should be carefully regulated in the production process to ensure the quality and appearance of plastic parts.

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