Analysis of the causes of injection moulding machine screw slippage and breakage

Prevent Screw Slippage and Breakage in Injection Moulding Machines

Discover why inje­ction moulding machine screw often slip or bre­ak. Reasons could be uneve­n materials, neglect of upke­ep, or mistakes in using the machine­. Get to know how to stop these issue­s and fix them when they happe­n.

The performance of injection moulding machine screw slippage

During the production process of the plastic injection moulding machine, if the screw slips, it will have a serious impact on the quality of the product and even lead to production delays. Therefore, it is very necessary to find and solve the problem of screw slipping in time.

Screw slippage is generally manifested as:

1. The injection pressure starts to rise, but falls rapidly;

2. The injection speed also appears to sleep effect, the beginning is very slow, but later will be rapidly accelerated;

3. A lot of squeezing and melting occurs, but injecting the melt into the mould is difficult.

Injection moulding machine screw slipping reason

1. Hopper is not normal:

Injection moulding machine production process, the hopper is placed in the plastic raw material place, if the hopper problem, will have an impact on the screw slippage. For example, if the raw material in the hopper is not dry enough, it will affect the normal rotation of the screw.

2. Injection moulding machine temperature is not normal:

Improper temperature of the moulding plastic machine is also a cause of screw slippage. If the temperature of the plastic injection moulding machine is not set correctly resulting in too high or too low, it may cause the screw to slip.

3. Injection molding machine screw wear:

Injection molding machine screw wear is the most common cause of screw slippage. Screw wear causes a gap between the screw and the metal sleeve that covers the screw, which can lead to screw slippage.

4. Too much or too little lubricant:

The proper amount of lubricant needs to be added during normal operation. Too much or too little can cause an imbalance in the lubricant, which can cause the screw to slip and not eat.

Injection molding machine screw slippery solution

1. Check the hopper

Check whether the hopper is normal, especially the moisture content of raw materials and drying conditions.

2. Check the temperature of the injection moulding machine

Ensure the stability of the temperature of the injection moulding machine, adjust the temperature according to different production requirements, so that the injection moulding machine is in the best working condition.

3. Replacement of the injection moulding machine screw: If the screw is seriously worn, only replacing the injection molding machine screw can solve the screw slipping.

4. Clean the inside of the injection moulding machine: In the production process, it is necessary to clean the inside of the injection moulding machine regularly, and thoroughly clean up the residue and the accumulation of debris to ensure that the injection moulding machine is clean and hygienic.

5. Correctly install the lubricant: the correct installation of the lubricant is to ensure that the injection moulding machine is one of the important conditions of normal work. In installing lubricant, pay attention to the amount of lubricant, not too much or too little!

In short, the injection moulding machine screw slippage will not only affect the quality of the product, but also have a very big impact on the production efficiency. Therefore, in the production process of injection moulding machine, we must always pay attention to whether the screw is running normally, and find and solve the problem in time.

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Injection moulding machine broken screw reason analysis

Material problem:

Material problem is one of the main reasons for the broken screw of injection moulding machine. First of all, the plastic used in the injection moulding process must meet the requirements, if the plastic contains foreign matter, moisture, or tiny particles, and other impurities, these will cause damage to the screw. Secondly, the use of improper plastic will also damage the screw, such as the use of strong corrosive plastic, too high or too low-temperature plastic.

Equipment problems:

Equipment problems are also caused by the injection moulding machine broken screw is one of the important reasons. The injection moulding machine itself needs to have stability and durability, if the equipment is not stable, it will also lead to screw breakage, such as insufficient capacity of the screw, the screw and the barrel between the wear or too loose. In addition, the setting of processing parameters will also have an impact on the screw, such as adjusting the equipment for improper heating temperature, insufficient curing time, injection speed is too fast, etc. These factors will cause thermal stress and mechanical stress, which will then lead to screw rupture.

Operation Problems:

Operational problems are another frequent factor leading to the injection moulding machine broken screw. On the one hand, the operator must have skilled injection moulding skills and experience, and master the correct operation method. Improper operation includes screw inlet not exhausting air, too much feed, and the use of improper tools and methods in cleaning and maintaining the screw. On the other hand, management and maintenance are also important factors affecting the rationality of operation. Lack of regular inspection, equipment maintenance, and repair can also easily lead to screw damage.

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