Safety Rule of Operation of Moulding Plastic Machine

Safety rule of operation of plastic injection molding machine


Moulding plastic machine is a high-pressure, fast, and at the same time high-temperature operation of the machine. It often causes irreparable personal injuries to the operator in a moment of negligence, in the care of the mind, and regrets for the rest of his life. Every operation of an injection moulding machine is dangerous, especially when opening and locking the mould.

Injection Moulding Machine Safety Checklist

To avoid danger, the operator must pay attention to the following safety operation problems during operation:

  • Keep the horizontal injection molding machine and its surrounding environment clean.
  • The space around the moulding plastic machine should be kept as smooth as possible. After adding lubricating oil or pressure oil, the leaked oil should be wiped out as soon as possible.
  • Clean the debris (such as rubber particles) on the melter cylinder before turning on the electric heat to avoid fire. If the machine is not overhauled or necessary, the heat shield on the melting cylinder shall not be removed at will.
  • Check if the emergency button is pressed or the safety door is opened during operation.
  • When the shooting table is moved forward, the molten rubber leaking from the nozzle should not be removed by hand to prevent the handle from being trapped between the shooting table and the mould.
  • When cleaning the cylinder, set the nozzle temperature to the most appropriate high temperature to keep the nozzle clear. Then use the lower injection pressure and speed to remove the remaining rubber in the cylinder. Avoid direct contact with the freshly injected adhesive to prevent burns.
  • Avoid leaving heat-sensitive and corrosive plastics in the drum for too long. Follow the plastic supplier’s shutdown and cleaning procedures. When replacing plastics, ensure that the mixing of new and old plastics does not cause chemical reactions (e.g. POM and PVC are mixed and heated to produce toxic gas), otherwise different plastics must be used to remove the old materials from the drum.
  • Before operating the horizontal injection molding machine, it must be checked whether the mold is firmly installed on the movable plate and the head plate of the injection machine.
  • Pay attention to whether the ground wire and other wiring of the hydraulic plastic moulding machine are connected securely.
  • Do not cancel the safety door or safety door switch in order to increase production speed.
  • When installing the mold, the lifting ring must be completely screwed into the mold lifting hole before lifting. After the mold is installed, the length of the safety rod of the moulding plastic machine should be adjusted according to the size of the mold. When the safety door is opened, the safety stop of the machine (mechanical lock) can block the mold clamping of the injection molding equipment.
  • In the normal injection molding process, it is strictly forbidden for the operator. To open the safety door without removing the safety door from above or below the injection machine. When servicing the mold or temporarily not producing it, the oil pump motor of the moulding plastic machine should be turned off in time.
  • When operating the hydraulic plastic moulding machine, it can be operated by one person, and no multi-person operation is allowed. It is forbidden for one person to operate the control panel while another person adjusts the mold or performs other operations.
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High-Pressure Mold Close Alarm

During production, the customer may meet the alarm “high-pressure mold close” on the screen of the injection moulding machine, there are several possible reasons as below:

1. check the guide rod and guide bush of the mould to see if they are good or not.

2. check the mould temperature (too high mould temperature will cause mould distortion. also check the mould cooling water)

3. check the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the injection moulding machine

4. check that the electric switch of the injection moulding machine is in the 0 position. also check that it is well fixed or damaged.

5. check the high-pressure mould closing limit switch

6. check the set time of the high-pressure mould closing.

Shutdown Operation

1. Set the operation mode of the horizontal injection molding machine to a manual position.

2. The hopper stops feeding the plasticiser barrel of the injection machine.

3. The injection seat of the injection molding machine backs up and the nozzle leaves the mouth of the mould bushing.

4. The moulding plastic machine is emptied. The injection-feeding action is repeated several times until no molten material is coming out of the nozzle.

5. Cut off the barrel heating power supply, close the cooling water valve.

6. Turn off the motor, and cut off the main power supply.


What the safety requirements to operate this injection molding machine?

Safety requirements for operating this hydraulic plastic moulding machine include proper training on machine operation and safety protocols, as well as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and safety glasses.

How do you set mould safety on a machine?

To set mold safety on a plastic molding machine, first ensure the mold is securely fastened and aligned properly. Then, adjust the machine’s settings to prevent collisions and ensure proper clearance between moving parts.

What is mould safety?

Mold safety refers to the precautions and measures taken to ensure the safe operation of molds in manufacturing processes, such as injection molding. This includes securing the mold properly, setting up safety mechanisms to prevent collisions or malfunctions, and implementing protocols to protect workers from potential hazards associated with mold handling and operation.

What are the safety issues with injection molding?

Safety issues with molding injection machine include risks of burns from hot surfaces and molten plastic, exposure to harmful fumes, ergonomic strain from repetitive tasks, and potential hazards associated with heavy machinery operation. Proper training, adherence to safety protocols, and personal protective equipment are essential for mitigating these risks.

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