The Trends Of Moulding Plastic Machine Technology Development

Trend Of Moulding Plastic Machine Technology Development

Green Smart Manufacturing in Plastic Products

At present, the market requirements for plastic products are becoming
increasingly stringent, “green smart manufacturing” has become a strong voice of the
times. From the industry as a whole, after several rounds of technology and
environmental protection policy elimination, the current market active injection
molding machine manufacturers
are very much focused on the development of a new
generation of high-tech equipment, through intelligent control, to meet the current
production of high-precision product requirements. The traditional moulding plastic
machine adopts hydraulic transmission, which has the characteristics of high
environmental pollution, high noise, and high energy consumption.

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Such plastic injection machines not only have serious energy loss but also have greater adverse
factors to the environment. However, its manufacturing cost is low and maintenance
is relatively convenient, so it is the type of automatic injection molding machine with
the highest market share at present. However, 80% of mainstream moulding plastic
machines have been retrofitted with energy-saving auxiliary equipment, from low-
energy heating coils to servo-intelligent control systems, and from core components
to design processes, each module has been carefully optimized, and the
performance of the whole machine has been further improved. It can be said that
green environmental protection has become a symbol of the new era and is also an
an important factor that current plastics machinery manufacturers must consider when
planning future models.

At present, most of domestic moulding plastic machines use a PLC control system. But PLC control mode also has its shortcomings, such as its anti-interference, reliability and temperature control accuracy in some cases seem to be less than ideal. The servo drive system not only has
incomparable superiority in control accuracy and system response, but also achieves
soft start of the machine and low impact on the power grid. In the servo technology
today is quite mature, and with the reduction of equipment cost, the next 20 years will be
the era of full servo control moulding plastic machine.

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In addition, the injection molding equipment manufacturers understand that
enterprises in industrial production, the hydraulic plastic moulding machine due to the
ejector pin, the slider is not in place or the product is not completely remolded and
lead to the pressure of the mould situation is repeatedly prohibited; due to the
the pressure of the mold is frequent, and thus the maintenance of the mould, the cost of
repair is very high; Due to the pressure of the mould, the repair of the mould caused
by the delay in the working period, affecting the customer’s scheduling and so on,
injection molding machine suppliers in the production of plastic molding plastic
machines, attached to a set of homogeneous vision mould protectors, to enable the
monitoring of the 7×24×365 days, effective detection of the product, whether it is
qualified, and in the clamping of the mould to check the existence of residual
material, to prevent the mould from pinch damage, to avoid the shutdown of the
repair of moulds, and to ensure the delivery schedule.

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