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DAOBEN PET series precision injection moulding machine is suitable for producing preforms applied in bottles, the beverage industry, the food packaging industry, and cosmetic industry, etc. All these can meet the production needs of PPR materials. We understand the unique requirements of PET high precision plastic injection molding and the critical importance of precision in producing high-quality PET products. With our HRL PET injection molding machine, we bring you state-of-the-art machinery that delivers exceptional performance, efficiency, and reliability. Energy efficiency is a core focus of our machinery. The HRL PET injection molding machine incorporates energy-saving technologies, such as servo motor systems and variable pump drives, which not only reduce power consumption but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable manufacturing environment.

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Technical Specifications

Clamping Unit: Clamping Force tailored to meet specific production requirements. Mold opening stroke precise control for varied preform designs. Platen size accommodates molds of different sizes and configurations. Max daylight provides flexibility for mold changes and maintenance.

Injection Unit: High-performance injection system for efficient and consistent melt delivery. Injection pressure is adjustable to suit diverse PET resin types. Screw diameter varied options for different molding needs. The injection rate ensures optimal filling and quality of PET preforms.

Hydraulic System: The hydraulic pump is efficient and reliable for smooth machine operation. Hydraulic valve proportional control for precision in hydraulic functions. Oil cooling ensures stable hydraulic performance during extended production runs.

Key Features

High Precision Molding: Achieve perfection with our cutting-edge technology, ensuring precision in every molded PET product.

Efficient Energy Consumption: Experience cost-effectiveness with our energy-efficient design, optimizing production without compromising on quality.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate seamlessly through the molding process with our intuitive user interface, reducing complexities and enhancing operational efficiency.

Versatility in Preform Design: Adapt to diverse market needs with the flexibility to mold a wide range of PET preform designs and sizes.

Reliability at its Core: Rely on the robust construction and advanced components, ensuring durability and minimal downtime.

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Beverage Industry: Produce PET preforms for a wide range of beverage packaging, ensuring hygiene and product integrity.

Food Packaging: Meet stringent quality standards for food-grade PET preforms, ideal for packaging applications.

Pharmaceutical Sector: Uphold pharmaceutical standards with PET preforms manufactured by the HRL series. Create precise and sterile preforms for pharmaceutical packaging, meeting the strict criteria for medical-grade materials.

Personal Care Products: Enhance the packaging of personal care items with our PET molding solutions. Whether it’s shampoo bottles, lotion containers, or cosmetic packaging, our machine enables the production of PET preforms that combine aesthetics with functionality.

HRL pet series fast precision injection moulding machine features
  1. By the recognition of the market with large column spacing, and efficient to meet the PET preform mould size is larger, the practi­cal needs of the CLAMPING force smaller industry characteristics.
  2. The shot weight increased by 40% compared with the conventional machine, to melt cycle is shorter.
  3. Increase the eject power and stroke distance ore more than 30%, which is more suitable for multi cavity and deep cavity forming.
  4. Imported high response proportional variable displacement pump hydraulic system configuration, compared with the conven­tional machine electricity saving about 20%, water saving of about 25%.
  5. High rigidity T type groove template structure, more convenient to replace the mold needs.

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