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What information shall you provide to us?

The workshop layout DRAWING

  • The factory is being built or designed or is designed already but not being built.
  • If designed, please send the drawings for our further service.

The Voltage of your country

  • As our experience for exporting the machine, the voltage can be:
  • [380V 50HZ 3HP], [220V 60HZ 3HP], [415V 60HZ 3HP], [440V 60HZ 3HP],[110V 60HZ 1HP]…
  • Note that this is very important point.

The production capacity planned

  • How many pcs your products per hour or per month?
  • Based on the working condition:
  • workers will work ** days per month, ** hours per day.

Any requirement for a better factory

  • Such as any requirement you’d like, please let us know in advance. So we can offer the best solution with the best price to save time. Our factory aims to implement various measures and requirements to enhance its operations, productivity, and overall efficiency. These requirements are designed to ensure a streamlined and sustainable manufacturing process while prioritizing worker safety, environmental responsibility, and quality assurance.

What can our turnkey solutions offer?

injection machine
Select Suitable Machine & Equipment

According to your annual production quantity requirement and your plastic raw materials’ features, Daoben helps you select the correct machine size, and machine type to realize highly efficient and economical production. As the auxiliary machinery needs well matched with the injection molding machine.

Machine & Mould Installation & Running

Equipment installation and checking. Molds and machine maintenance training
Production line defect checking and troubleshooting training

Offer On Site & Online Training

On-time spot service by Chinese technician
Local service by service center engineer arriving in 4hours
Monthly flow up by engineering department and feedback collection International boardless mold & machine engineering support

molding machine factory

Optional Services

  • Offer Workshop Detailed Layout

Daoben offer professional new plant layout design, water/air/electrical power detailed layout, auxiliary equipment, and crane selection. You can get a professional complete solution for preparing to start a plastic plant in a well-organized design and best time-saving.

  • Select Mould Cavities Nr.and Other Parameter

Mold Parameters must be accurately planned, for example, cavities Nr., injection gates way, if need mold temperature controller or water freeze.

  • Automation Manufacturing System Suggestions

We implementing an effective automation manufacturing system can significantly enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency within a factory. By leveraging advanced technologies and intelligent automation, factories can streamline operations, optimize resource utilization, and ensure consistent product quality.

  • Machine Assembling Foundation Layout (including send-person assistance)

In order to keep the machine precise, stable, and long time, some Machine needs you to build a good ground foundation in your workshop, and before machines arrive at your factory, our engineer can come to your factory to guide the foundation building according to our design.

  • Operator Train Before Machine and Moulds shipment.

Before machines and moulds been delivered to your factory, if you need, you can send several of your staffs to Daoben factory for machine maintain and operation training.

  • Hunting Chinese Engineer or Management Offiers

We own a big Chinese Engineer and Manager HR data base, who are professional, hard working…they can help you to solve so many troubleshoting.

  • Offer TOP Automation Manufacturing Software

Industrial 4.0, Intelligence Factory will become the injection molding company’s future goal, Daoben is developing smart hardware named 【SMART MOLDING】, which can help the molding parameter automatic setting, molded plastic components automatic QC, automatic quantity calculation with company ERP.


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Personal hygiene, housewares, cosmetic goods, convenience goods, toys, garden implements, sports or leisure products, and basins

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PET Bottle Production Line Plastic Cutlery Production Line IML Paint Bucket Production Line Thin-walled containers Dairy

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