Components of The Plastic Injection Machine Injection Unit

Components of The Plastic Injection Machine Injection Unit

First, Feed system

The feeding system is an important part of the injection system of the plastic injection machine, mainly composed of a feeder, a hopper, and a screw conveying device.

  1. Feeder: The function is to feed plastic pellets into the hopper. It is characterized by precise metering, which can ensure that the amount of plastic fed each time is equal, thereby ensuring the stability of the product.
  2. Hopper: Like the “belly”, it is the storage and batching place for plastic pellets of a plastic injection machine.
  3. Screw conveying device: The conveying device sends the plastic particles in the hopper to the screw accurately through the screw conveying device of moulding plastic machine.


Second, the Screw system

The screw is one of the most important components in the plastic injection machine system, mainly composed of a screw, a heater and a temperature controller.

  1. Screw: The screw is the core part of the entire injection system. Its function is to heat and compress the plastic material, push it to the nozzle, and complete the plastic injection machine.
  2. Heater: The heater can heat the screw to keep the temperature under constant control during the moulding plastic machine molding process, thus ensuring the consistency of the molded products.
  3. Temperature controller: The temperature controller can accurately control the temperature of the heating element to ensure that the heater can remain stable within a certain temperature range. Thereby ensuring the mixing, melting and softening of plastic particles.

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Third, Nozzle system

The nozzle is the part that plays a key role in the moulding plastic machine molding process. Its function is to make the molten plastic that has been pumped to the injection head eject at the correct speed, fill the mold cavity and form the product.

The selection of the nozzle has a great influence on the shape, size, wall thickness and surface quality of the manufactured product.


Last, the Pressure system

The synchronous hydraulic system that faces the pipes taken from oil cylinders makes up the pressure system. This system has the ability to automatically modify the closed mold’s performance throughout the moulding plastic machine molding process.

During the injection process, the pressure controller automatically adjusts according to the predetermined pressure and flow control curve to ensure that the amount of injected plastic is always constant, which greatly improves the injection accuracy.

Final Thought:

Through the detailed introduction of the injection system of the plastic injection machine. We can see that the injection system is a very critical part of the entire moulding plastic machine. And its functions use various technical means such as material preparation. Processing technology, and hydraulic technology. Understanding the composition and function of the moulding plastic machine . Iinjection system helps to improve the controllability of the injection process. Better master the injection technology, and thus better shape high-precision, high-quality plastic injection machine products.

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