10 Maintenance Tips for Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine

10 Maintenance Tips for Hydraulic Plastic Moulding Machines

As an important equipment for the production of plastic products, the normal operation of the hydraulic injection molding machine has a vital impact on production efficiency and product quality. In order to ensure the stable operation of the moulding machine and extend its service life, correct maintenance is essential. This article will introduce you to the key points of plastic injection machine maintenance.

Daily inspection

All safety facilities must be inspected and adjusted every day, and all safety facilities must be ensured to be normal before operating the machine. Check the amount of oil in the lubricating oil tank, and new oil of the same brand must be added. Check the oil level on the hydraulic oil tank, if the oil level drops below the center line of the liquid level gauge. Add hydraulic oil to above the center line, and new oil of the same brand must be added.

After the first 1,000 hours of operation, the oil suction filter, hydraulic oil, and oil tank need to be replaced or cleaned. When running for 5,000 hours hours or at most a year, the air filter and hydraulic oil need to be replaced or cleaned. Note that old and new hydraulic oil cannot be mixed. When the operation time is 20,000 hours or at most 5 years, check and replace the sealing ring and wear-resistant ring of the hydraulic cylinder. Replace the high-pressure hydraulic oil hose every 3 years, replace the controller (host) battery every 5 years, replace the battery on the operation panel.

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Clean the injection molding machine

Keeping the hydraulic injection molding machine clean is the basis of maintenance. During the use of the injection molding machine, oil, residue and particles are easily produced due to the melting, mixing and injection processes of plastic. Therefore, regular cleaning of the small plastic molding machine is necessary. When cleaning the moulding machine, be careful to use appropriate cleaning agents to avoid damage to the machine’s body and parts.

Lubricate the hydraulic injection molding machine

Each lubrication point of the automatic injection molding machine should be refueled regularly to ensure the effective use of lubricant. When lubricating the injection molding machine, appropriate lubricating oil or grease should be selected, and the necessary inspection and maintenance should be performed on the lubrication system of the injection molding machine.

Check the cooling system

Hydraulic injection molding machine require a cooling system to control the temperature during operation to ensure product quality and equipment stability. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the cooling water circulation of the cooling system and the working condition of the cooler. If problems are found in the cooling system, the cooling water should be cleaned or replaced in time to avoid temperature control failures in the injection molding machine.

Pay attention to the electrical system

The electrical system of the injection moulding machine is an important part of its normal operation. Regularly inspect the electrical components and wiring of your electrical system to ensure they are intact. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the environmental safety around the automatic injection molding machine, such as avoiding moisture, cable wear, and short circuits of electrical equipment.

Check the air filter

The function of the fuel tank air filter is to allow the fuel tank to breathe and prevent external dust and other dirt from entering the fuel tank. Therefore, it is a very important component and requires regular maintenance. The air filter is installed on the top of the fuel tank. When cleaning, loosen the cover first, replace the air filter element, and then retighten the cover. Note that the cover must be tightened, otherwise oil will splash out.

Pay attention to the fixation of fasteners

When the injection molding machine is running for a long time, the fasteners are easy to loosen. Therefore, regular inspection and tightening of fasteners, such as screws, nuts, couplings, etc., is one of the important tasks in maintaining the injection molding machine.

Regularly replace worn parts

Wear parts of the automatic plastic molding machine, such as nozzles, barrels, etc., will wear out over time. Regularly checking the status of these worn parts and replacing them in time can ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine and extend its service life.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is a key measure to ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine. According to the instruction manual of the injection molding machine or the manufacturer’s requirements, formulate a maintenance plan and ensure that the plan is implemented.

Maintenance precautions

Follow the operating procedures:

When performing care and maintenance on the moulding machine, the operator should strictly follow the equipment instructions and operating procedures to avoid equipment damage or failure due to improper operation.

Use special tools:

When disassembling and installing equipment, special tools should be used to avoid equipment damage or deformation caused by the use of inappropriate tools.

Keep records:

Keep records of the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment, including maintenance time, maintenance content, replaced parts, etc. This helps track the health of the device and identify and resolve issues promptly.

Final Thought

To sum up, the maintenance of the hydraulic injection molding machine is crucial to its normal operation and product quality. Through regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection of the cooling system, attention to the electrical system, fixing fasteners, replacement of worn parts and regular maintenance and other measures, the service life of the automatic injection molding machine can be effectively extended and production efficiency and product quality improved. Hope the introduction in this article can provide you with some reference and help in the maintenance of moulding machines.

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