Advantage Of Injection Molding Machines

” Energy saving” energy saving is the biggest advantage of electric injection molding machine, because the servo motor is directly driven according to the conditions of the force needed by each selector, which not only improves the effectiveness, but also improves the energy application rate, and its energy application rate can reach further than 95, so it can save 25- 60 further energy than the full hydraulic injection molding machine.  

we need to understand the difference between two- color injection molding machine and two- color injection molding. Two- color injection molding refers to the use of two different accoutrements or colors of injection molding raw accoutrements to be fitted into the same set of molds, and also to gain plastic products formed by two different raw accoutrements . Some of these differences are in different colors and some in textures, but the practicability and aesthetics of their products are stronger than those of single- color plastic products. For two- color injection molding, theco-production of two injection molding machines can also be realized. still, compared with two- color injection molding machines, it has no advantages in terms of effectiveness and cost. 


Water- saving, because the each- electric injection molding machine doesn’t use hydraulic oil painting, only the need for cooling water at the feeding harborage, so compared with the hydraulic injection molding machine of the cargo-sensitive pump, the quantum of cooling water can be reduced by 70, and compared with the hydraulic injection molding machine of the ordinary quantitative pump, the cooling water can be reduced by 90. 

Save energy, reduce product costs, because each action of the electric injection molding machine is controlled by the corresponding servo motor, so when a product operation is carried out, the other control motors don’t need to run, so the power consumption is greatly saved. 

To insure the cleanliness and safety of the working terrain, because the each- electric injection molding machine doesn’t use working oil painting, it’ll not appear in the environmental pollution caused by mechanical oil painting leakage, and can greatly reduce the possibility of fire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Daoben has the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) and all the production steps must follow up this SOP. Every machine needs at least automatic running over 72 hours and must be inspected carefully before shipment.

Actually, the delivery time of the machines is depended on the machine options. Normally, the delivery time of a standard machine could be within 1-2 months.

12 months warranty after shipment for mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, and electric components excluding the screw and barrel 6 months (not including use for recycled material or reclaimed material).

Yes, Daoben will provide one set of standard spare parts to the customer including a heater, filter, screw head, screw washer, checking ring, sealings, etc.

Surely, we have experienced technical engineers for oversea service, they would help you install machines and support training to workers also. Currently, we provide visits online by video call for COVID-19.

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