High Speed Injection Moulding Machine: The Bodyguard For Cutlery Safety

High Speed Injection Moulding Machine The Bodyguard For Cutlery Safety

High-speed injection moulding machine is referred to as high-speed machine, and it is often called lunch box plastic injection machine. Usually the injection moulding machine is hydraulic plastic moulding machine, and the hydraulic injection moulding machine relative running speed is slow, high speed injection molding machine is all electric motor, through the servo electric motor to achieve open and close the mould, the ejector demoulding, raw material injection and storage and so on, the running speed, which is fast and precise, can greatly improve or improve the production environment and production efficiency.

Simply put, high speed injection moulding machine with high efficiency, high speed injection molding machine adopts three-axis linkage, popular for three circuits. The moulding process is: mould locking – ejection – cooling – mould opening (synchronous mould, into the bearing) – gap time. For example, the product moulding time of ordinary injection moulding machine is 10 seconds, while the high-speed injection moulding machine adopts the principle of three-axis linkage, and the moulding time is greatly shortened to about 6 seconds, minus two small steps, but the time is increased by about half. Ordinary injection molding machines use standard pumps, which have a greater impact on pollution from electricity, hydraulic oil and noise problems, while high-speed injection moulding machines are more environmentally friendly.

Lunch boxes produced on a high speed injection moulding machine have the following features:

Safe food grade plastic

The products are made from PP food grade plastic, which is non-toxic, harmless, has a high melting point and can withstand high temperatures of over 120°C. It can be placed in a microwave oven and heated without melting or deforming. The general temperature of meals is within 100℃, so there is no food safety problem when using it. In addition, there are very strict international requirements for tableware manufacturers, who must use high speed, high quality injection moulding machines, and at the same time undergo strict production and hygiene certification before they can be authorised by the state to produce them, thus ensuring food safety.

Why Do Thin Walled Products Require Specialized Injection Molding Machines

Low production cost. 

In the early days, the low production efficiency of ordinary injection molding machines led to the high price of plastic lunch boxes in the market, and the catering industry was reluctant to use them, while conventional blister products, and because the texture is too thin and not strong enough, it is also difficult to become the first choice of the catering industry. Some well-known domestic injection molding equipment manufacturers, to solve this problem, introduced a high-speed injection moulding machine, thus greatly improving the efficiency, in which the main production of high-speed injection moulding machine, through a series of technological transformation and product innovation.

The production cycle of a single batch of products will be controlled in less than 5 seconds, and the precision clamping system, so that the machine in the case of 1 out of 8 is still able to maintain a very high rate of finished products and production The precise mould locking system allows the machine to maintain a very high yield rate and production efficiency even in the case of 1 out of 8, thus greatly reducing the production cost of lunch boxes. As a result, the high-speed injection moulding machine has become the production star of the lunch box industry, and is called the lunch box plastic injection machine by many people in the industry.


As early as January 1, 2001, China’s government in order to prevent the growing problem of white pollution, has clearly banned the production and sale of disposable foam plastic tableware and use, PP material can be recycled twice, used to manufacture the use of lower-level requirements of the product, which means that all lunch boxes produced by high-speed injection moulding machine can be recycled, in the cleaning used to make other life after the manufacture of plastic products, a complete solution to the problem of environmental protection of lunch boxes. The environmental problem of lunch box is completely solved.

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