Achieving Precision and Quality in Plastic Parts Production with Molding Machine

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Explore the capabilities of modern injection molding machines designed to deliver unparalleled precision and quality. This guide delves into the innovative features and technologies that enable manufacturers to produce high-precision components consistently, enhancing both efficiency and product quality in diverse industries.

The importance of precision and quality in the manufacturing of plastic parts

Injection molding quality is affected by many factors, including the following aspects:

Raw material quality:

The quality of resins, additives and other materials used in the injection molding process directly affects the quality of the finished product.

Injection molding machine performance:

The performance of the moulding plastic machine directly determines the control accuracy of parameters such as temperature, pressure, and speed during the injection molding process.

Mold design:

Whether the structural design of the mold is reasonable or not directly affects the quality of the finished product.

Injection molding process:

The selection and control of the injection molding process affects the internal structure, appearance quality and dimensional accuracy of the finished product.

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The significance of injection molding quality

  • Quality is the basis for the survival of an enterprise. The quality of injection molding directly affects the credibility and market reputation of the company. If the quality is not up to standard, it may lead to reduced orders or even stagnation.
  • Injection molding quality guarantees the durability and appearance of plastic products. Good quality plastic products have better durability and appearance, which can increase consumers’ purchasing desire and loyalty.
  • The quality of injection molding is directly related to the sustainable development of the plastic products industry. Good-quality products can ensure user satisfaction and reputation, thereby driving high-quality development of the industry.

Methods to improve injection molding quality

1. Strictly control the quality of raw materials and select materials that meet the requirements.

2. Strengthen the maintenance and upkeep of injection machine equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

3. Pay attention to the design and processing of molds to improve the accuracy and service life of the molds.

4. Scientifically formulate injection molding process plans and ensure strict implementation.

5. Pay attention to quality management and control and establish a complete quality assurance system.

The impact of template accuracy on injection molding quality

The quality and accuracy of the moulding machine template directly affect the quality of injection molding. If the processing accuracy of the template is not enough, or there are deviations in the template, it will directly affect the quality of the injection molded product, leading to problems such as deformation, warping, shrinkage, etc. of the product. Therefore, the accuracy of the injection molding machine template is crucial to the quality of injection molding.

How to ensure the accuracy of the injection molding machine template

1. Pay attention to the precision of the template when designing, and ensure the precision of template processing and the accuracy of the overall structure of the template.

2. Use high-quality materials to make the formwork. Materials such as steel or copper can be used to ensure the stability and life of the formwork.

3. Use high-precision processing equipment to process the template, such as CNC machine tools, EDM and other equipment.

4. Control the temperature of the template to avoid template deformation caused by too high or too low temperature.

The significance of improving the precision of moulding plastic machine templates

Improving the accuracy of the injection machine template can bring the following benefits:

  • Improve production efficiency and reduce production time costs.
  • Improve the specification accuracy and surface quality of injection molded products.
  • Reduce the defect rate of injection molded products and the probability of defective products.
  • Improve the service life of the injection molding template and reduce the cost of template replacement.
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Technical features of Daoben Machinery machines that ensure high precision and quality

1. Optimized and FEA the clamping system, box-type mold platen design, strong and durable. Adopt high-quality copper toggle bushes on tie bars guiding parts, clamping fast, stable, and working lifelong.

2. A short powerful double-cylinder injection system and high precision linear guide rail, with low inertia and high response mechanism to ensure smooth injection, injection, and template deformation, optimization design of screw assembly, achieve a better plasticizing effect. Automatic cleaning bucket, anti-salivation, and anti-cold start delay function, ensure efficiency, convenience and safety.

3. Equipped with a high-performance controller, large LCD, and simple friendly operational interface. To reach reliable quality, the major electric parts we choose to work with world-famous electric supplies, like Schneider, ABB, OMRON, etc.

Comparison with industry standards and benchmarks

Compared with industry standards and benchmarks, DAOBEN machinery has the following advantages.

Good stability:

Closed-loop precision control of servo motor greatly improves the repeatability accuracy compared with traditional hydraulic power control system

Super energy saving:

Under ideal working conditions, it saves energy compared with traditional hydraulic power control systems.

Low operating noise:

Low operating noise, quieter operation at low speed, ideally less than 70 decibels.

Fast response performance:

Sensitive servo motor, quick start time is only 0.05s

Reliable pressure-holding performance:

Pressure closed-loop control, longer and more stable


Before sales, DAOBEN uses its network platform for technical support, and users can get technical support from company information through the information platform. During the sale, we adhere to the service concept of “smile first, ask three questions”, and maintain “zero error” in product transactions, which is a meticulous and considerate service, allowing DAOBEN to maintain a good reputation among peers. After-sales, use our own good and fast service to feedback service requests to our front-line service personnel as quickly as possible and rush to the scene to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Testimonials from clients on the quality and reliability of their products

Customers also spoke highly of DAOBEN’s moulding plastic machines. Some customers said, “Very professional, very friendly, suggest the correct machine auxiliaries and mold.” “Rarely do we need to do the after-sale service” “The seller is very enthusiastic with fast responses, and the machine is stable and high quality, if we plan to buy the machine in the future we will continue to choose DAOBEN” “DAOBEN is so professional, and machine is working well”“Machine quality is good and it’s easy to operate”.

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12 months warranty after shipment for mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, and electric components excluding the screw and barrel 6 months (not including use for recycled material or reclaimed material).

Yes, Daoben will provide one set of standard spare parts to the customer including a heater, filter, screw head, screw washer, checking ring, sealings, etc.

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