Questions to Ask Moulding Machine Suppliers Before Purchasing

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Buying injection moulding machine must grasp the relevant points to avoid consumers blindly passive purchase. Because no matter what product you buy, the market of the product is always mixed due to the imperfection of market regulation. So, to buy a satisfactory product, what buying points should we know?

First of all, you should know what kind of injection moulding machine you want, and choose a good style by knowing the information on the Internet. The technical parameters of the machine are very important when choosing.

What type of injection moulding machine should I choose?

As there are many types of injection moulding machines, it is necessary to make a correct assessment at the outset as to which type of injection moulding machine or series should be used to produce this product, e.g. whether it is general thermoplastic or Bakelite or PET material, etc., whether it is single-colour, two-colour, multi-colour, laminated or mixed-colour, etc., and the appropriate series must be selected. In addition, some products require high stability (closed circuit), high precision, ultra-high injection speed, high injection pressure or fast production (multi-circuit), etc., and the appropriate series must be selected for production.

Is this molding machine safe?

Closing mechanism in the opening and closing of the mould, the reliability of the low-voltage protection system involves the safety of man and machine. Injection moulding machine requirements must be implemented electrical, mechanical, hydraulic common safety protection system, this protection mainly embodies two aspects: one is the safety protection of the mould, the other is the safety protection of the person. Before closing the mould, if the safety door is not closed, the closed mould should not be able to act; In the process of closing the mould, if the safety door is not closed to the correct position, the template action will stop or automatically open the mould. If in the closed mould, foreign objects such as inserts, due to vibration and other reasons, such as accidentally fall into the cavity, or other foreign objects embedded, etc., incorrectly placed in the mould, the mould should stop the closed mould action, or automatically open the mould and alarm.

Another safety part of the injection moulding machine is to prevent the cold start of the pre-forming screw, if the material of the screw has not reached the * temperature and holding time, it is forbidden to start, otherwise the alarm will occur. Injection moulding machine nozzle splash guard is necessary to prevent scalding.

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What do the parameters of an injection moulding machine represent?

The basic parameters of the injection moulding machine can better reflect the size of injection moulded products, the working capacity of the injection moulding machine and the type of processed materials, grade range and product quality assessment, is the design, manufacture, selection and use of the injection moulding machine based on.

Injection volume:

The maximum injection volume that can be achieved by the injection system when the injection screw or plunger makes a maximum injection stroke under air-to-air injection conditions. This parameter reflects the processing capability of the injection moulding machine to a certain extent and marks the maximum quality of plastic products that can be moulded by this injection moulding machine, which is an important parameter of the injection moulding machine.

Injection pressure:

The screw or plunger end face force on the melt unit area, the size of the injection pressure and the structure of the injection moulding machine, the flow resistance, the shape of the product, the performance of the plastic, the plasticising method, the plasticising temperature, the mould structure, the mould temperature and the precision of the product requirements and other factors, the actual production, the injection pressure can be adjusted within the allowable range of the machine. In actual production, the injection pressure can be adjusted within the permissible range of the machine, and the size of the injection pressure should be selected according to the actual situation.

Clamping force:

The maximum clamping force applied to the mould by the clamping mechanism. Under the action of this force, the mould should not be pushed open, and it is an important parameter that to some extent reflects the size of products that can be processed by the injection moulding machine.

When the melt to a certain speed and pressure into the mould cavity before, need to overcome the flow through the nozzle, runner, gate and other places of resistance, will lose part of the pressure, but the melt in the filling of the mould also has a relatively high pressure, this pressure is known as the melt cavity pressure, referred to as the mould cavity pressure, mould cavity pressure in the injection of the formation of the expansion of the mould force will make the mould top open, to ensure that the product moulding to meet the requirements of full precision, the clamping system must be enough to lock the mould.

To ensure that the moulded product fully meets the accuracy requirements, the clamping system must have sufficient clamping force to lock the mould.

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Can you meet my current and future needs?

An injection machine manufacturer should be able to meet not only your current needs but also your future needs. The right plastic moulding machine manufacturers should be able to grow with you as you develop more products in the future. This question also relates to the question above about the number and type of injection moulding machines.

Do you have any guarantees?

This is one of the first questions you should ask a potential injection molding machine supplier. If your project is not guaranteed, you will be responsible for any adjustments or repairs to the machine. Look for a company that fully guarantees the quality of its work. The machine should be guaranteed for the duration of the project. The injection molding machine supplier should also guarantee adjustments or repairs to their work for some time.

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12 months warranty after shipment for mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, and electric components excluding the screw and barrel 6 months (not including use for recycled material or reclaimed material).

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